Friday Four Pack- DDH King Sue, Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter, Meet the Mosaics, & Black Bouquet

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With week two of 2022 almost in the books, we’re back today with another Friday Four Pack. As we put the holidays behind us and settle into our groove, here are four beers we’re looking forward to this weekend.

Toppling Goliath- DDH King Sue (7.8% DDH Double IPA)

Behold- the king of kings. King Sue was the first DIPA that I had one and then two and then four. The first time I had the DDH version, I was celebrating a negative COVID test as Brady slayed Rodgers in the NFC championship game.

The nose on this guy explodes from the can like an east coast beer. It goes past orange on the citrus scale and all the way to pineapple mango. Palate is just raw green hop grit. Pleasantly bitter, slightly dry, but plenty of juice. The fruit returns on the finish, soft and sweet. A wow beer.

This beer sees wide distribution, so if you can find it at your local beer store, grab it.

Half Acre- Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter (8% Double IPA)

In Chicago, Daisy Cutter is one of the originals in the craft beer game. I’ve always been a fan of the OG and their hazy riffs on it. Fully Saturated Double Daisy Cutter got me into good beer back in the day and Galactic Double Daisy Cutter was the first beer I just enjoyed on a random Tuesday night. It just made me feel better.

Fast forward to this year’s Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter. I get awesome citrus on the nose with a pleasant blood orange bite that reminds me of the original. True to form, the palate is light with bittering fruitiness that finishes super fresh and earthy. This beer is dangerously sessionable at 8%.

Hop Butcher for the World- Meet the Mosaics (6.5% IPA)

This a a really interesting, complex beer. It’s HB’s 6.5% single IPA base, that almost always produces a mondo nose. I get huge wafting berry, pink lemonade, and dank jam. It’s a lighter bodied beer, which gives the drinker a deeper window into the hops. I get a nice bittering palate, full of green berry and grass. Raw mosaic. Tons of grit.

Phase Three/Blackstack Brewing- Black Bouquet (8% Double IPA)

I used to travel to MInneapolis quite a bit for work. Blackstack was always a must stop, consistently putting out the best triple IPAs I’ve ever head. When I saw this slightly under the radar collab hit shelves, I just about lost it.

The beer is a wow beer. The pour is absolutely gorgeous. Soft and inviting. The beer features a skunky grass nose with peach and orange rind. A vintage pillowy soft Phase 3 palate with a fruit juice cocktail finish, all of the fruits. Peach, coconut, apple, and orange. Yes.

As we look forward to Super Wild Card weekend, these will be the beers we are sure to have cold and ready to share with friends. We hope you enjoy the weekend as much as we will.

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