Friday Four Pack- Barrel Aged Blueberry Mitten, Pine Street, Krampus Cookies, and P3 Czech Style Pilsner

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It’s our third to last Friday Four Pack of 2021 and it’s almost like we’re just getting warmed up. We’re back this week with four more beers that have helped us with this rollercoaster of December weather we’ve been on. From a barrel aged cider, to a crisp Czech style Pilsner, we covered all of the bases this week and can’t wait to share it with you. So let’s get into it!

Virtue Cider- Blueberry Mitten (6.8% Bourbon Barrel aged Cider)

Greg Hall was the first man who thought to put imperial stout into bourbon barrels at his father’s company, Goose Island. Following Goose’s sale to Anheuser Busch, Greg left Goose and founded Virtue Cider. While the style is markedly different from Russian Imperial Stout, Blueberry Mitten is still a Cider that found some time to spend in barrels. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Blueberry Mitten pours the most delicate strawberry red. I get a tart berry nose with apple and soft oak. The palate is pillowy soft with welcoming vanilla, apple, pear, and blueberry. The finish is apple forward with a very soft pleasant vanilla. A delicate, complex treat that is a perfect reflection of it’s Michigan terroir.

Hop Butcher for the World- Pine Street (6.5% IPA)

While Hop Butcher is probably best known for their 7.5% Double IPA’s, we also get excited when they drop a new version of their 6.5% single IPA. This time around, we have Pine Street, which is hopped with Chinook, Simcoe, and Enigma hops.

On the nose, we get notes of piney melon and subtle bubblegum. The palate is sweet and full use citrus, and the beer finishes full of peach and other stone fruits. Keep the lighter 6.5% beers coming for us moms and dads.

Old Irving- Barrel Aged Krampus Cookies (14% ABV Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout)

Krampus Cookies has a rich history in Chicago and one of the few hallmark BA beers I hadn’t tried yet. Enter 2021 Krampus Cookies. This beer pours the darkest of chocolates with a vanilla oak nose and nary trace of cinnamon and spirit. The palate is extremely complex- full of cookie dough, dark fruit, vanilla, and chocolate. The finish is a mouth coating coconut, tobacco, and card. An absolutely awesome beer we’ll now have to sign up for annually.


Phase Three- P3 Czech Style Pilsner (5.2% Pilsner)

Ah, a Czech Pilsner for a cool sunny afternoon. I think I’m finally growing up as a beer drinker because I reached for the Pilsner ahead of the sugar bomb DIPA. This guy is ultra-crisp and emphasizes the generous usage of Saaz hops who’s floral notes help distinguish it from German Pilsners.

Pouring a beautiful hazy gold, I get a malty nose with soft floral notes. The body is full and has plenty of Saaz. The finish is not fleeting, packed with soft spice, floral, and breadiness. A beer for absolutely any time.

So there is this week’s rundown. We’ll be back next week with our Christmas Beer & Bourbon List for Santa and we’ll close out the year with a few big beers. Until then, we at Triplex wish you the merriest of holiday seasons. Cheers!

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